Churches of God General Conference Logo Windsor Church of God

1125 Manor Road
Windsor, PA 17366

Pastor:  Anthony Zumbo
Services and Events
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To Know Christ
Make Him Known
Through God's Word


   9:00 AM -  Sunday School Classes for all ages.

 10:00 AM -  Sunday Worship Service.  Everyone invited, handicap accessible, portable pew
                                                                         hearing aids available, and nursery available for babies
                                                                         and small children.

 10:30 AM -  Junior Church.  This is for youth ages 3 through 12.

  7:00 PM -  Sunday Evening Worship Service.

  The Last Sunday Evening of each month are  Missionary Emphasis Services where letters are read.   
  Often we have a special missionary to speak, as we are a mission minded Church.

  7:00 PM -  Wednesday Evening prayer service and Bible Study.

  7:00 PM – Thursday Evening, (Third Thursday of the month) Ladies monthly fellowship
                      (Unclaimed Treasurers) with a special theme and program.

10:00 AM -  The first Thursday of each month  C.O.G.S.  (Church of  God Seniors)         
                      meet with a program, games, refreshments, tours, and lunches.

  7:00 PM – Tuesday’s evenings during Fall and Winter, Ladies Bible Study.


April & September -* Spring and Fall Rally Day:  Held in April and September.  These special days in our                                            curriculum are used to revive or rally our Sunday School and church members to                                              come and invite family, neighbors and strangers to our church.  We have a                                                          combined service with special music and/or speakers.

April -                            Yard, Bake and Soup Sale:   This event is held in our church parking lot.  It is a time                                          of fellowship, also a time to get rid of  things you no longer need or use.  By doing
                                       this, we raise monies for missionaries, families in need, also church development.
May -                             Each year our church gives out small THANK OFFERING BARRELS to each person
                                       who is interested.  This money is then collected and used for the Church of God
                                       Women’s Ministries which in turn is distributed into 9 different categories, such as
                                       Missions, Winebrenner Seminary, Youth & Family Life Administration, etc.

May &  June -           * Mother & Father’s Day Services are held on these particular Sundays to honor
                                       our Mothers & Fathers.  These services feature a special speaker with the
                                       emphasis on our parents. 

May -                             Memorial Day is always a special service that is concentrated on honoring our Men                                          and Women who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
July 4 -                         Again we honor those who gave of themselves.  This is the reason we have the
                                       Independence that we celebrate – usually a Patriotic Service.

July -                           *Children’s Day:   A Guest Speaker is used to celebrate our children and entertain                                                them through the message of Christ.  Usually we try to tie this service in with our                                                Vacation Bible School.
July -                             VBS:   This is a special event for our church with all the emphasis put on all our
                                       children of the community, many unchurched.  We go door to door and hand out
                                       info about our Bible School.  A lot of hard work by a lot of committee people
                                       help make our VBS the center of our year.  These young lives will be our new
                                       leaders and they need to be trained and taught about our Lord & Saviour
                                      Jesus Christ.

August -                     Our ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC is held to bring about a time of fellowship with all                                                ages.  There are games for young and old alike.  We encourage everyone to bring a                                          friend, loved one, neighbor or acquaintance.  Plenty of food and refreshments for all.
October -                    Harvest Home:  We encourage members to look at their own home and life and
                                     realize the blessing God has given to them; in so doing give to those who are less
                                     fortunate then we are.  These monies are given to a local food bank.

November -               Revival Services:   We believe that Revival of the Church is so important for
                                    each member.  We utilize this time to start a revival in each heart prior to our
                                    special services.  In so doing we will have the Spirit of Revival and Missions
                                    to send the blessed gospel news to all that surround us.  We invite a guest
                                    speaker to share.  The altar is open for all to come and ask the Lord for
                                    Salvation, Re-dedication and Prayer.

November -             Veterans Day:   We try to honor our veterans as much as we can.  This day
                                   is a tribute to all those who have served in the armed forces, living or deceased.
                                   Sometimes we have a special program, special speaker, patriotic music, and we
                                   especially salute the flag of our country and pray for peace for all mankind.

November -           Thanksgiving Eve Service is held in observance of the holiday.  This service is
                                 a time of giving thanks to our Lord & Saviour for the many blessings he has
                                 bestowed on us, material, spiritual and salvation so rich and free.  Testimonies
                                 are encouraged for all attending.

December -           Advent:  We observe the four advent Sundays prior to Christmas.  In those services a                                      new candle is lighted each Sunday by different couples in which scripture is read to
                                 observe the reason for this special season, the birth of our Saviour.  Our church is                                            decorated in Christmas attire, trees, wreaths, and window treatment.  We truly love this                                    special season.
December -           Christmas Banquet:  Held the 2nd Saturday night in December where we gather
                                 together again with family & friends to enjoy a time of fellowship and great food.
                                We have a different type of performance each year and enjoy this special season.

December -           Christmas Eve Services:  Held in observance of the holiday, usually at 10:00 PM
                                 with a candlelight atmosphere.  Sometimes a special program of singing and
                                 reading of scripture or a Christmas theme may be used by our gifted musician,
                                 ending with the lighting of each person’s candle.

 (*) Combined Service – Worship Service only, which convenes at 9:00 AM
                                         NO SUNDAY SCHOOL